Lamas Karate Student Creed

Student Creed:

I come to you with only Shaolin Kenpo. I have no weapons, but should be forced to defend myself, my principles, or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong, then here are my weapons Shaolin Kenpo.

*During the reciting of the student creed we ask that students and parents please stand.

Shaolin Salutation:

To all the warriors, to all the scholars, to the late great Grand Master William Kwai Sun Chow; to our Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro and all the masters before them; may be remain back to back defending our country at all times. Shaolin Kenpo.

Tournament Procedure ~ Kata

  1. When your name is called by the judges and before entering the ring:
  2. Stand up and salute to the judges
  3. Walk to the center of the ring with your arms by your side
  4. Salute to the judges
  5. Then you say:

“Judges my name is __________, I represent Lama’s Kenpo Karate, my head instructor is Professor Lama. Today I will be performing ____________ with your permission may I please begin sir / ma’am?

  1. Salute again to the judges and take 3 steps back.
  2. Go to attention
  3. Form triangle slightly above your head in front of you, prayer, bow
  4. Perform Breathing of the Tiger
  5. Prayer
  6. Salute and begin form
  7. Once you are finished with the form
  • Perform Breathing of the Tiger
  • Prayer
  • Bow
  • Salute , then walk backwards to your seat.

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