8 Steps to Tying a Karate Belt

Step One

Pay respects to your belt. 

  1. Fold Your belt in half
  2. Fold it again in thirds, with the name facing out.
  3. Kneel
  4. Place belt on floor
  5. Bring your forehead down to the top of the belt
  6. Bring head back up 
  7. Pick up your belt

Step Two

  1. Unfold your belt.
  2. Bring belt behind your back.
  3. Line up left side with name showing. Left side will be shorter than the right side. 

Step Three

Wrap right side (long side) around your waist.

Step Four

Adjust belt until both ends are the same length.

Step Five

Bring Both Ends straight in front of you. 

Step Six

Cross belt in front

Step Seven

  1. Bring right side of the belt up and under both sides.
  2. Tighten belt up and down
  3. Cross Belt again

Step Eight

  1. Bring left side up and thru. This will complete the knot.
  2. Snap belt 3 times, to tighten the knot.  

Images Created by Molly O’Kane Bloggerithm

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