Karate Competitions

We are a competing karate school. tournaments are not mandatory, students have the opportunity to compete and we always highly encourage students to compete in tournaments among other schools

What to bring to with you to a competition

Be prepared on the day of the tournament. Be sure you have your full uniform and belt/sash, all the sparring equipment required, and plenty of snacks and water before you leave home. Most tournaments provide some kind of lunch for sale, so you may bring money to purchase it or pack your own. You should have some kind of duffel bag or backpack to carry all your things, and this should be clearly labelled with a marker or luggage tag.

How to show respect to the judges during the competition?

Be sure to show the Judges and all participants proper respect at the tournament. Do not horse around or be a distraction while others are performing.

Memorizing the paragraph below prior to the tournament can help you remember it easily before any nervousness kicks in.

Bow before entering the Ring. Walk towards the Judges, Stop, and Bow. Assume the Ready Position and Speak:

“Judges, my name is ______. I represent Sifu Lamas and Lamas Kenpo Karate. My Form is ______. With your permission, I will step back and begin.”

Assume the Attention Stance. Bow and Say:

“Thank you, Judges.”

Now Begin your Routine.


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